Synopsis Success

Finally, my novel synopsis is complete. After struggling, revising, and obsessing for two weeks, I came up something I can live with. Writer friends helped me tremendously, and blogger friends encouraged me along the way. Thanks, everyone.stars-th I’m still not sure a synopsis, no matter how carefully crafted, ever does justice to a novel. For now, I look at a synopsis as a simple tool for prospective agents. My last barrier to querying is gone, and I’m ready. In fact, I emailed my first query today. I pressed the send button and, like a photon torpedo, the letter was off to cyber-land. Yikes! This takes guts, girls and boys!
mail-message-new-thOh, and I have a post revision reader. She’s an any genre gal, and I figure if she enjoys my novel then I’ve achieved my goal – creating an adventure that appeals to a variety of readers.

Tell me about your novel. Is it for general consumption or for a select audience?

6 thoughts on “Synopsis Success”

  1. Congrats on sending out that first query. That might call for a bubbly beverage of some sort!

    I write mainstream/fantasy and sci-fi, sometimes all in the same novel, (don’t ask!) but I’ve managed to bring at least one reader from the mainstream in to test the waters of my magical paranormal whatever it is.
    But, since I read almost anything, I’m always surprised when a reader who prefers fantasy balks at reading a bit of real world stuff. Oh well, I’ll just have to find another reader. 🙂

    I’ve got my fingers crossed for you!

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