‘Tis the Season to Eat for No Reason

In response to the generosity of our families and friends, I’m posting my observations of Christmas food. This may be a repost and, if so, please forgive me. It’s still  festive, and it makes my stomach growl with anticipation.

Christmas food. We are awash with goodies. Cakes, candy, nuts, and nibbles abound in the work place, at home, everywhere. Gifts arrive in the mail with orders to EAT NOW. And, we do eat.

We eat everything we’re offered, everything we want. We’re like teenagers home alone with the key to the liquor cabinet. During most of the year we are controlled by dieting, by guilt and by sheer will power. We resist the temptations of the palate. The foods we allow ourselves are predetermined by our desire to win the battle with weight. Motivation and determination have a positive effect; we lose inches; we feel better. Hungry – but better.

12296942351361199808Chrisdesign_candystick_svg_thumbBut, as holiday goodies close in on us, we shelter behind a bunker of honey-baked ham – we arm ourselves with bottles of champagne and loads of cheese balls. A barrage of chocolate covered cherries rains over us, a relentless fusillade of homemade cookies assails us. And, like most people, we are powerless to fight this onslaught. Like most people, we eat our ammunition and march straight into the mouth of the enemy. Soon, this will be over. The New Year, always our savior, will once again lead us toward our better natures – toward self-control and optimism about our eating habits.

However, until New Year’s Day, remember – ’tis the season to eat for no reason. So, enjoy!

What are your favorite Christmas foods? And, btw, Happy Holidays!

7 thoughts on “‘Tis the Season to Eat for No Reason”

  1. I love your analogy of holiday treats being forced on us. It is a radical change from the rest of the year. I managed to pick up a stomach virus at my daughter’s house so I am delaying my indulgence in cookies and ham, but I’ll think of you when I’m back to normal. I hope your healing has been rapid and the pain is vanishing. Terri

    1. Sorry you aren’t feeling well! Hope that crummy virus leaves asap.

      Healing is progressing. I’ll know more by Jan 4th, my next visit to dr. Hopefully, he will say, “Rise and walk!” Then Rick and I will get our lives back.

      So, feel better soon! Happy holidays. Nancy

  2. Loved the thing on Christmas food, but, seriously, is there any holiday food but Chocolate? Love, hugs, and all that good mushy stuff to you and Rick. Liz was here briefly. She is gone but Raj is still here. I’m not sure why he is still here or how long he will stay, but it is a change to have someone in the house. He also has a little dog, rat terrior I think, who is a nice little thing but the cat lives up on top of any table or shelf she can reach. Other than that there is harmony in the house. My health remains excellent. I’ll have to make some younger friends so that they won’t keep dropping in their tracks from old age. Please send me a writing topic you or Rick might be interested in reading. I need the stimulus to keep my mind working.! Is there any short trip you and Rick might be interested in taking with me, my treat? My health is excellent, although I doubt I could run for a train connnection or that sort of thing. I’ve never been to the Grand Canyon, but that would probably not be the best bet for me. How about the cruise up the inland waterway to Anchorage, or the trans-Canada railway? I understand the cruises down the Mississippi are mostly gambling ships. Gambling scares me, but you are clever about finding out things so if there is any trip you both would like to take with me, I would love to foot the bill and have one more adventure, Get out of Dodge! See the world! If this emaial seems incoherent its because there have been interruptions. Love to you both, “mom”

    1. Hi mom, Glad you read the blog and enjoyed it. I’m trying to get something on the internet every week until I start revising again. I’ve started writing on a fun short story just to get my brain working.

      Today I actually cooked in the kitchen. Chilli in the crock pot was my goal and I succeeded, but I was exhausted afterward. For the last few days I’ve had spurts of energy, moments of feeling better.

      Next Friday I’ll see the doc, and I hope he’ll tell me I can put weight on my leg and begin walking again.

      We are doing well, but I know Rick misses my cooking and, frankly, so do I!

      The animals, Abbie the dog and Ashley the cat are my constant companions. Abbie guards me now and when anyone comes in the house they have pass her inspection before they can get near me. It’s amazing they know I need protection.

      Lots of love to you, Mom. Happy New Year! Nancy

  3. I’ve tried to convince people that calories don’t count from about Halloween until the New Year, but no one ever seems to believe me! Now you’ve got me thinking about cheese … mmmm. 🙂

    I’m wishing you good health and a happy New Year!

  4. lol I refused some food this holiday — and everyone looked aghast 😀

    My favourite is roast parsnips and roast potatoes, crisp and golden on the outside, solid yet soft on the inside. And brussels sprouts cooked until just tender. Turkey’s pretty good too with gravy but it’s the veg. Yum! And Christmas cake eaten with oranges. Oranges are so good at this time of year.

    A Happy New Year to you! May it bring tasty food low in calories 😀

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