Into The Wormhole

Writers often wonder about the source of inspiration. Some people say it comes from dreams, meditations, or the moments of in-between daily life and fantasy.

Could it come from the wormhole of general anesthesia?   According to my brief research at several medical sites, there are many kinds of fancy pharmas used to put you under and several methods of delivery for these drugs. All that is well documented. Even so, no one seems to know how general anesthesia works in the brain. Imagine that. And, even more amazing, the professionals admit it.

When you’re floating below the surface of consciousness, do you dream? The articles I read said no, no one dreams during general anesthesia. Well, maybe not, but how the hell can they tell?

During pre-op, I had an interesting conversation with the intake RN. I asked her if I would dream. She looked at me for a moment, as if gauging my receptiveness.

“I know the experts say you don’t dream,” she said.  “But that’s absolutely untrue. I’ve dreamed during general anesthesia, and I’ve been with patients who didn’t want to open their eyes, mumbling I was waking them from a wonderful dream.” She smiled at me. “Keep one thing in mind, though. When you’re readying for surgery and they push the sedative into your IV, go to the special place you love the most. The way you float into unconsciousness is the way you come out. Go in happy, come out smiling.”

“So,” I asked, “if I go in questioning my muse about the plot for a sequel to my novel, will I come out inspired and full of ideas?”

She grinned. “Maybe. Just keep a pen and paper handy. You’ll want to write those ideas down quickly.”

I still haven’t figured out how to smuggle a pen into surgery, so I just have to hope whatever ideas come to me will find their way to my consciousness later.

They usually do. I’ll keep you posted.

In the mean time, you tell me. What was your most amazing visitation by your muse?

4 thoughts on “Into The Wormhole”

  1. Maybe you can smuggle in a ipad under your pillow 😉 I never thought of general anesthesia in that way before, speaking of which, I hope you are okay! Movie soundtracks tend to stir something in me and I have butterflies in my stomach for the rest of the day as I try to capture the threads of story that is being revealed to me. Something in doesn’t make sense, and most times in comes in the form of a feeling and when then happens i know I am so close to finding a really good twist or idea I can barely engage and stay present in the real world!

  2. Word Wizards are full of wonder. Will Nancy be resurrected from surgery with creativity flowing freely? Will Nancy’s far out characters form vivid features and fancy speech patterns? How soon can we expect the sensational conclusion to her current novel and an enticing conclusion with a telescopic look at the sequel?
    Carry on creatively.

  3. I hope you’re doing okay, and have a quick recovery from your surgery.

    I almost never dream my stories, which makes me sad, but I get the strangest words in that grey place between waking and sleeping. The other day I got this:

    At night the Muse watches me sleep, and paints the inside of my dreams.

    I guess that kind of fits your post, doesn’t it?

    Take care of yourself!

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