Next Page of the Electric Book

OK! I’ve had it. I went to Amazon with the intention of downloading an older novel from a favorite author. OMG. The PRICE. Amazon is quick to say the publishers are boosting these e-book prices. And, yes, authors should make money, but for an e-book this is ridiculous. I can still buy a used copy from an Amazon seller for half the price, if I want to wait for the mail.

And, yes, I’ve looked at the thousands of free or 99 cent fiction ebooks available.  I understand this sounds wimpy but, honestly, I don’t have time to mess with this overload of choices.

So, that brings me to my questions for you all.

What do you think of epublishing? Most of you are fiction writers, and some of you have epublished. Tell me why you chose the cyber path. Was it the difficulty of capturing a traditional agent? Or, did you just want your story out there, without waiting? Are there e-book only publishing houses that actually draw readers? Do you know something I don’t know?

Now, with the recent debate about John Locke and his 5 star review purchases, I have to wonder about the whole thing. Check out Holly Lisle’s website for more on this.

Lots of questions, lots of answers.

Let’s hear them.

Oh, yeah. Ok. I did buy download the book I wanted. The too impatient to wait on the mail bug has bitten me, too. How well those publishers know us!

3 thoughts on “Next Page of the Electric Book”

  1. We should spend some time discussing this at Word Wizards. I believe that traditional publishing is still preferable for children’s books. Although parents are happy to download audio books and books with aps for their kid’s entertainment, since parents are so busy that the library and bookstore can be difficult.
    It appears that most authors of self-published books get a boost from their ebook sales and exposure. I’ve downloaded a novel written and self-published by a former roommate that should have been edited. It’s a dangerous road to go down if your book isn’t ready.

  2. Right now, the whole epublishing phenomenon is making my head spin. I know what you mean about the insane pricing for established authors’ ebooks. I took one look at that and went straight to the library–which has ebooks to download for a loan time, and even though it’s a bit of a hassle, it’s free! And then I don’t have those ebooks cluttering up my computer. I’m cheap and I’m broke so I have to use the free Kindle app.

    For the most part, I have been disappointed in the self-pubbed ebook offerings. There are so many spelling mistakes, typos, formatting issues, not to mention first draft quality writing, that it makes me want to throw the book against the wall, except I can’t because it’s an ebook. Gah.

    Would I want to epublish? I thought I would, but the more I look at what I would be putting myself next to, I’m not so sure. I think e-books have some growing up to do, before they are a viable option.
    But then, I’m in no hurry to publish. 🙂

    Great topic, by the way. You really got my blood boiling on this one. 😉

  3. I’m still hesitant on the notion of the ebook. I’m with Kirsten, it makes my head spin too. I’m waiting for the day that I fully understand it. A lot of people say it’s the future of publishing, and they may very well be right. It’s going to be interesting, regardless. I’m just not ready to throw in the hatchet. I’m not in a huge rush to publish–at least not until I think my books is ready.

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