THE END is near

“The reward of a thing well done is to have done it.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

That’s for sure. Then why am I  stressed?

A year ago, I dreamed about being at this point. I have only two chapters to the end of my book. In my mind, I’ve already moved from story revision to lassoing sentence splices, corralling continuity, and forcing myself to spellcheck. I’ve told myself: it’s time. Hell, I even set deadlines that I published on the forum and mentioned to my friends, family, and anyone else who would listen. So, now I have a problem. How do I stop? The rational side of my brain is well aware that nothing made, born, or forged on this world will ever be perfect. But, the two-year side of my brain stamps her foot and demands perfection. Fortunately, a  compassionate friend gave me a wonderful book, Affirmations for Artists by Eric Maisel. He says, “Although nothing is ever complete, artists still must complete things. When a thing is not done, continuing to work is the strength; but when it is done, the strength lies in stopping. ”

I know I have the strength to stop fiddling with words and tinkering with sentences, but I’d like to know how you did it.Were you so relieved to arrive at the end of your creative project that you put it down with a sigh of pure happiness? Or did you, like so many of us, agonize over the unfinished thought, misplaced comma, or tiny plot hole?

Let me know your secret!

5 thoughts on “THE END is near”

  1. Oh boy, that is a good question!
    Unfortunately, since I am on my second pass of this revision, I probably can’t be much help in answering it!
    There is one thing though.
    I’ve shown some of what I’ve written so far to a few other writers. The encouragement and feedback I got has helped me realize that, although nothing will ever be perfect, what is more important is that someone eventually gets to read and enjoy the story.

    You’re doing fantastic! I’m looking forward to celebrating the finish line with you. 🙂

  2. I look forward to celebrating the finish line with you too! You are sooooo close. It must be weird knowing you are almost done, but on the bright side think of the new shiny story you can sink your teeth into now without feeling guilty about neglecting the one you are working on now 🙂

  3. Good point. I’m thinking about a sequel, but I’m not close enough yet to focus on it. There’s another story about Colorado floating around in my head – inspired by my murder mystery reading husband. Meanwhile, onward!

  4. Let me in on the secret, too, please. 🙂

    Nancy, I think you are too hard on yourself. Stay focused on finishing this pass for the moment. Then stick with your plan for one more time through, for all the final “polish.” I’m betting you’ll know the answer to your question then.

    Hang in there – you are SO close!

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