Novel Writing Right on Time

Solstice Lavender

Yesterday, Earth tilted into another summer solstice, and I began year two with HTRYN. Wow!

Chapter 22 is poised for the grinder (Lesson Seventeen) and, while I know there is lots of work left, I’m moving through the tunnel of hard-core revision toward the bright light of almost finished land.

However, I’m not sneaking up on this goal alone. My husband, friends, and  writer’s group continue to shower me with enthusiasm for my novel even when I drag my feet, whine, and procrastinate.

A novel is a tremendous project, and  I was beginning to think I was taking too long until  I went to a talk given by author C.J. Box. When someone asked him the how long it took to write his first novel he gave us an ah, shucks ma’am grin and said, “Four years.” I heard my reader’s group gasp in dismay, but I was happy.

 I knew I was right on schedule.:)


3 thoughts on “Novel Writing Right on Time”

  1. My writing group couldn’t believe that I was writing my entire novel by hand–and that was last summer! Now that I’m doing it again, this time with more editing and less completely from scratch scenes, I’m letting them see some of the results, and most of them agree; it was worth it. 🙂
    Hmm… I started writing my first novel in 2009, so next year sounds about right on schedule for me too.
    Sounds like you’re doing great, and dare I say, almost done? Keep at it, the end is in sight!

  2. There’s a light? You can see a light? SO YOU MEAN IT EXISTS? That is so exciting. Your progress sounds amazing and don’t worry how long it takes you (says the person who worries about that all the time). I look forward to following this tail-end of your HTRYN journey with you. You can do it 🙂

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