I love to write. Honest. But, there is an actual life out there beyond our scratching pens and clattering keyboards.

Life is happening in spite of email, cellphones, iPods, Facebook, writer’s forums, revisions, revolutions and the precarious state of our world.

So, here’s my other things to do list:

*Take a day trip to a beautiful mountain home, visit a dear friend, drink sweet tea.

*Garden. The outside world ends at your fingertips when you get your hands dirty.

*Read someone else’s novel.

*Watch HBO.

*Visit your local independent bookstore.

*Grill and chill with your family.

*If possible, go to the beach.



*Listen to music.


Let your mind and body rest. A rested body revitalizes the mind, and a revitalized mind incubates ideas.

How will you reboot your brain?

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