A co-worker asked me today if I had excerpts from my novel posted on my blog. While flattered he wanted to read my work,  I wondered what I would post. How about a few paragraphs from a story I decided not to send to Fantasy and Science Fiction? Would the short contemplative paragraphs I wrote several years ago suffice? What did I have filed away I was willing sacrifice to the internet community?

Sacrifice. Operative word. Anything a writer slings out into pixel land is immediately absorbed and lost. While I’m not saying my plot, theme, and characters are particularly valuable, they could be stolen, copied, or reinterpreted. The way I write is unique, it is mine. I won’t share it. Not yet.

Being published is an affirmation many writers, myself included, seek. After publication sharing my work doesn’t seem threatening, but before publication it’s out of the question. For me.

I‘ve heard J. K. Rowling kept her first manuscript and ideas in a box. The contents of the box were off-limits to everyone. Everyone.  Maybe this is just a myth about a famous author, but maybe she still protects her writing this way.

If she does, I understand.

So, those of you who want a sneak peek, please be patient. Someday my novel will be available in a book store near you or on your kindle. And, I’ll be thrilled to autograph it for you!

Chapter 14 revision completed.


2 thoughts on “PIXEL LAND”

  1. I can understand the need to keep work to oneself. On the other hand, some authors have put short stories on their blogs and I’ve so enjoyed reading them that I’ve bought their published work as soon as it became available.
    Horses for courses. We’re all different and need to do it whatever way fits.
    Like you, I’m very wary about giving too much away.

    Good luck with your revision 🙂

  2. I’m with you both on this as well. I am happy to share ideas or demonstrate my writing process on my blog – after all, I started it to chronicle my writing journey – but the most I would publish on it would be a short piece and definitely not something from the work in progress (at least not until I needed a teaser to promote the self published final product!)

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