Eight-eight Birthdays

Happy Birthday, Mom

I didn’t send a card. I sent you a blog.

I want to thank you for the many things you did that natured me creatively.

You read to me.

You taught me to draw, read and write.

You taught me how to think outside the pencil and how to translate concept to graphite on paper.

You introduced me to science-fiction and fantasy, from Azimov to mZb, and everyone in between.

You taught me chemistry in the kitchen and string theory in the living room.

You shared your love of the natural world, and you still love it. You are the only one in your building with a garden on your porch.

You taught me the survival skills of making bread, feeding a family, and washing my own clothes.

You took me on flights of fancy and walks of mystery.

You taught me the importance of women friends.

Thankyou, darling girl.

Here are the photos I promised.  In no particular order and a rookie layout. If you run your cursor over the photos information about them will appear.


2 thoughts on “Eight-eight Birthdays”

  1. My cousin turns 80 today; my mother’s b.day was 4 days ago.

    Thanks for sharing what your mother has given you! She sounds like the sort of woman I’d adore.

    Nice pictures, too. And congrats on the new deck. Could you please send some of that “new deck energy” my way – so my hubby will get ours built before another year rolls past. 😉

  2. I enjoyed your reflections on your mother’s role in your being and your photos of your life. I’ll be your mom show these off to all of her friends, since it’s electronic.

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