OK, the WordPress forum gods said the posting repetition was a one time glitch, so here goes. (If this doesn’t work, I promise to start a new, healthy blog.)

The uncontrolled repetition of my blog got me thinking. Repetition and success go hand in hand. Sounds like a duh observation, I know, but without repetition nothing gets done. Repetition encourages good habits — like writing every day and finishing your revision. But, it also encourages bad habits — tinkering with Facebook, eating too much chocolate, or staring off into space (don’t confuse this with Spring Fever which is right around the corner.)

Whether we glory in good habits or fall prey to bad ones, only one thing can save us. Discipline. The D-word. Crawling forward on the revision reminds me, once again, how little discipline I have. However, I’ve made it this far. So, I’ll give myself credit for that.

All of you artists, writers, musicians, and photographers, you have more discipline than you think. You’re out there doing art day by day.

So, I hope you only see this blog only once, read it, and pat yourself on the back for being creative!


  1. maybe it’s the repitition that makes me think I’ll never get done….but I know Word Wizards will never let that happen

  2. Discipline. It’s what I’ve been working on for over a year.
    What I find is that a well-ordered life is productive but…boring 😀
    I’ve figured out that I leave things until the last minute because I like that fizz and buzz of doing things helter-skelter against the clock. It’s stressful, though, when things go wrong.

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