I was walking Abbie tonight, thinking about chapter two and three revision. When I read chapter two out loud last night, I was shocked.

 Ouch! The pages were covered with red marks, black pen corrections, and entire new paragraphs. I struggled to read, becoming increasingly dismayed by uneven pace, repetitive word use, and general chaos. There were a few pages that read well, even gracefully but, on the whole, the chapter was a mess.

I knew this was going to happen. I did. But, I still worried. Then, I remembered. These chapters were written over two years ago.  I was learning about writing in general and fiction writing specifically. The first ten chapters of the book limped along, each good sentence a struggle, each good description hard-won. Funny how the mind forgets the pain of creation and remembers only the triumph. (That’s why women have more than one kid!)

So, this is not a bad thing. And, after looking ahead in the course, I see that wise Holly anticipated my problems and has fixes for all of them. And, also, I understand I have learned a lot. The last ten chapters of the book have a confidence and style that gives me the “I wrote that” thrill. Using my current knowledge while revising the first ten chapters will close the disconnect of the past two years and unite the sections of my novel seamlessly.

I hope.

Stay tuned.

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