My first chapter is revised. It is done. It’s in the no, I won’t reread you  again no matter how much you beg pile. I’m sure it will call me; I’m sure I’ll be tempted. One more look, just a quick little glance at that sooo important first line, that crucial first page. It will call me like a dangerous lover, but I’m strong. It will be  more tempting than chocolate truffles on a snowy night, but I’m tough. I’m moving on.

Chapter One is carved in stone. Pretty much.

Chapter Two gets finishing touches on Wednesday. Then, on to Chapter Three.

Repeat twenty-two times until done.

Then, the query letter dance begins. I send out the query emails, pitching my 100,000 novel in one perfect  paragraph – twenty times, thirty times, one hundred times –  until some agent fish bites.

At this moment, however, I’m going to take the advice of the most famous procrastinatress of all time, Scarlett O’Hara, and think about query letters tomorrow.

I have plenty to keep me busy right now!

6 thoughts on “CARVED IN STONE”

  1. Congratulations! One down . . .

    Not intending to discourage you, but keep in mind the wisdom of setting your story completely aside for a month or so – until you are not rewriting it in every waking and sleeping moment.

    After this break, you can read your story one last time, from beginning to end, with one FINAL edit to catch those things that would cause an agent or editor to walk away. The theory is the time away allows you to have forgotten enough of your story to read it with a fresh perspective.

    Then, it’s time to mail out those query letters you drafted during your break.

  2. PS: I think your clock’s off. I posted at 9:08pm – I fully intend to be quite asleep at 4:08 tomorrow morning. 😉

  3. Hi Nancy,

    I found your blog through H.L’s forum. You’re about ten lessons ahead of me, and this will probably become more soon, as I took a break to finalize some research before starting the Monastery. Anyway, love your blog, will be checking in often — can’t wait to see more updates!


    1. Thanks Katia,
      I usually blog once a week and this week, since I started Lesson Seventeen, I haven’t done anything. Seventeen is a different type of hard work, but as Prue and others have said, it is an amazing thing. The small, perfect ideas, changes in sentence structure, and unexpected inspirations are fantastic. Keep going, it’s work it.

      And, I’m happy you like my blog. More soon!

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