Creative Procrastination

I’ve arrived.

It’s time for Block Revision, Lesson Seventeen, but I’m indulging in creative procrastination instead. I admit it.

I’ve arranged my work table using the suggested organized pattern: manuscript, notes, and the information I’ve generated while taking this course. To the right of me, a box of Kleenex, eye glasses cleaner, and an iPod dock for music. To the left of me, Ashley’s blanket. We’ll share this table , my cat and I, for the next four to eight weeks.  So far, we haven’t had a territorial scuffle if you don’t count the giant fluffs of fur that appear all over my papers.

Sometimes focusing on this revision process can be hazardous to your health and sanity if you do it too long at one sitting, so I need a timer to let me know when I’ve been working for two hours. I’m hoping I’ll need one, anyway. At this point, I’m barely able to sit still for thirty minutes.

All of this revision, whether it is a word here, a sentence there, or an entirely new scene, is to be hand written. Who makes these rules? you ask. At first, I balked at the hand written idea but, after plodding through six months of preparation, I understand that handwriting is a unique conduit from the fingertips to the brain.  I’m hoping all the notes and analysis of every scene I transposed by hand will guide my pen now.

I have reread Holly Lisle’s instructions twice.

But, I’ll probably just look at the pictures from the demo and wing it.

Thanks to my blog readers! I felt like I was going viral last week.

8 thoughts on “Creative Procrastination”

  1. Your Touch has a timer on it. I set my timer sound to “duck” and when it goes off the cats come running!
    I think physically preparing for a daunting task is beneficial in several ways. First, the procrastination value. Second, orderliness: if you clear and rearrange your table, you’re most likely also clearing and rearranging your mind. And third:
    the procrastination value.
    The good thing, Nancy, is that you’re still at it! I’m proud of you!

  2. Congrats on making it this far; I’m still on lesson 17 myself. Just over half way through the cut, and it’s been around two months of hard work, I think, maybe more. It’s a long lesson, but then, i have a *lot* of red cards to be rewritten from scratch. It feels good to actually be starting the rewrite though. Like the reins have been held in so long and finally you can go 😀

  3. ah, I love the Ashley blanket! Yes, she is a shedder. My cats also shed terribly. My new black slacks looked like a sheeps behind after sitting on my couch!

    Good luck with this!

  4. You might want to use some push pins to keep those slacks in place before Ashley realizes that her space is getting “cluttered” with all that paper. Trying to sort through a pile once it’s scattered all over the floor isn’t the sort of endeavor I imagine you’d find enjoyable. 😉

  5. Good luck with Lesson 17. It’s long, it’s detailed but it’s a real beauty! The relief! The sheer relief in being able to start changing things and writing on that manuscript 😀

    1. My day job consumed all my energy this week, I’ve only had time to re-read Holly’s instructions. This weekend I begin cutting! YaHoo! I’ll keep you posted.

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