Someone from my How to Revise Your Novel boot camp forum asked me if I’m writing while revising. Glad she asked because I was beginning to wonder if I was the only one who isn’t creating anything new. Plowing through this revision consumes all my energy. In fact, I’m avoiding writing by telling myself I can’t possibly do two things at once. The most I write is the occasional page-long contemplation of various things.

I did a one page on getting older that no one in my writing group wanted to hear, although I assured them it was funny. Guess I hit a nerve there.

So, what’s happening now? More revision  avoidance maneuvers. I bought an iPod touch for my birthday, but I probably shouldn’t have.  For me, electronic distractions, creative procrastinations, and the internet results in a serious inability to concentrate on the task — finishing this novel, getting it edited, and getting it out there.

Just so I can feel creative again, I’ve thought about dusting off my first short story, Riding Pillion, and revising it using the skills I’m acquiring from the course. It’s a decent story with a twist at the end guaranteed to offend certain some people. Mom didn’t like it, but she’s used to highbrow science fiction with a strong feminist angle. Riding Pillion is ironic, light, with a happier ending than most of my writing. It manages to cover the evolution (or not) of male/female relationships from the Roman Age to the future in five thousand words. If I polish it enough I might sacrifice it the cruel gods of Fantasy and Science Fiction magazine.

I think I can resurrect this story and keep working on revision. At least I can try.

Besides, sometimes you just have to say WTF.


2 thoughts on “CREATING NEW FROM OLD”

  1. Nancy, I’m not writing either. I work full-time and barely have enough time to get my HTRYN homework done during the week. I am “trying” hard to get each lesson done the week it comes, but it is so hard. Some of the exercises are a little confusing (7 was really difficult for me, so I didn’t do it all…I’ll go back later). I’m on 10 now, getting ready to start my color cards.

    Thanks for listening. It’s nice to hear your thoughts through your revision. Hard work.

    1. Hi Dawn,

      I’m not using my blog until it’s fixed. Don’t use the free WordPress Automatic update found in the App Store . I did and now all my posts go to my subscribers four times. UGH!

      Any way, I’m moving forward, sort of. I’m working in Chapter Eight of my novel  (Lesson Seventeen) and, low and behold, all my carefully collected notes for Eight are gone. Vanished. I have everything else for all chapters, thank goodness. So that’s thrown me a bit. But, we continue, right?

      You’re doing really well even getting close to completeing a lesson a week. Some lessons took me weeks, some not so much. This is hard work for sure, but we’re (as my uncle Max used to say) big enough to do it!  Nancy

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