Worldbuilding Jitters

No, I haven’t fallen off the edge of the planet. Not yet, anyway. Lesson Seven, Worldbuilding, is almost completed, and I’ve learned more (and less) about the world I’ve created than I ever wanted to know.  Philosophy and politics are still weak. Action, romance, and who-did-what-to-whom are strong. Everything else? Hard to say. This lesson humbled me.

I’m not a stick by stone Worldbuilder, but I need more precise details. I think the folks who read the draft will probably agree.

When the cut and paste, blood and gore typing revision starts in December this lesson will help. A lot.

Lesson Eight is:

Wrapping Up Triage
Final Details of Target, Promises,
Story, and Theme

Wow. Oh well. Onward!

One thought on “Worldbuilding Jitters”

  1. Maybe you should cartoon sketch some of your scenes to fill out your world info. If you had to draw it, you’d think about it more.

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