Why I Write

It’s been pointed out to me that to be a better writer I need know why I write.

I love playing with words, learning their definitions, unearthing their subtle nuances and putting them to use in an understandable sentence.

That’s how it started.

Now, I have stories to tell. I love feedback and the knowledge my readers care about my characters. Bringing my worlds to life takes work, but it’s worth it.

The challenge of writing is a daily, necessary part of my life. Sometimes I write because I have to, sometimes because I want to. If I’m lucky, the have and the want are on the same day.

I’d love to be published. To do that you have to write.

But honestly, I’m compelled to write because of the  moment when I look at a sentence or a paragraph so perfect it could have only come from pure inspiration. And I can say, I wrote that.

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