Ok. They are kicking my butt. There is so much more they haven’t told me about their thoughts and emotions and so much I haven’t told my reader. Now, in Lesson Six, every scene in every chapter is up for character examination.

Questions to answer: why is each character in the scene, what do they do, how do I feel when I read it, what do I want the reader to feel??? OMG.

I did a fast count of the characters in the novel, from the one line walk ons, to the main trouble makers, and I came up with four main characters, two secondary characters, and twenty-one lesser folks. Gosh. Think that’s too many? I’m not sure yet. Since I only have to mention one line folks once, it may not be as immense as it feels now.

But – I just finished Chapter Two so only 23 to go.




  1. Try this: (stolen from Epilogue of book just finished) What’s the worst thing that can happen to this character?

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