I just finished Lesson Five, conflict (or lack thereof) in your scenes. This lesson went quickly, just two weeks. I’m exhausted.

Tonight, I’m not coming near Lesson Six. It’ll take me a day to recover from Five, a day to review Six, and another day to work up my nerve to start again.

But, I will. The part of me dreading the hands-on revision to come is screaming, “STOP! Give up now before it’s too late.”  But the part of me that can’t wait to give birth to an honest-to- God novel is hollering back, “Don’t you dare wimp out now! Onward!”

I’m itching to write something new now, but I’ll restrain myself. Too much distraction  isn’t a good idea during a revision, at least for a rookie like me.

So, I’ll go do my next favorite word thing, reading  somebody else’s stuff.

Thanks, brother, for recommending Steven Saylor.

I’m reading Roman Blood now. Fascinating place and time, but I sure wouldn’t want to have lived there!

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