Advice I Wish I Would Take

Our writer’s group had a lively meeting today. Lynette read a short sexy story, we laughed a lot , and hashed out questions about writing motivation, organization and what to do when you’re bored with working on your novel, story, or whatever.

Here are some ideas we came up with.

Write everyday. Even if it’s just 250 words. That’s almost one page in an average paperback.

Keep a file/icon of great sentences, phrases, or ideas in a folder on your virtual desktop. Items should be short. Don’t worry about forgetting the context or reason you wrote these sentences. If they are good enough, you’ll remember; if they aren’t, who the hell cares?

Clean your actual desktop. Clutter and piles drag you down. You may think you know where that line that will make you famous is, but when you look for it, it won’t be there.

Meditate. ITunes has great free podcasts for meditation. Hunt down specific ones for creativity, if you want. Even if your fickle floozy of a muse doesn’t visit you during a particular meditation, you’ll feel calmer or, at least, slightly less hysterical.

Read someone else’s stuff: for content and/or for style. It’s amazing what you can learn from other writers both famous and unknown.

Take a break from your novel. Work on it every other day, but make that writing time precious and sacred.

Don’t forget to breathe and enjoy yourself. The point of writing is to create something from thin air, to convince a reader to take a chance on a fabulous flight of fancy, and to let yourself swim in the spin of words.

Just made it to 261 words. See, that didn’t hurt a bit.


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