Unintended Promises

I’m still flying through Lesson Two. I am finding some unintended promises I made to the reader, but not many. However, I am also discovering I’ve broken just about every writer’s taboo in the universe. When I reach the plot salvage portion of this course and the block revision section, I ‘ll be begging for mercy.

There is one problem with this course – aside from the tremendous amount of work it requires. I’m not writing at all. My focus is exclusively taking notes on problems and victories from one chapter to the next.

So, it’s time to do two things at once. I think I can handle a short story now. I have a few ideas, and they are percolating in the back of my mind as I work the revision.

It’s funny. Short story writing was my original goal when I started writing again. I finished three stories and fell into the web of a novel. But, now seems like a good time to dust off the ten thousand word limit. How much of a world can you build with ten thousand words? We shall see.

After a hundred thousand words, plus or minus, ten thousand little words should be easy, right?

I’ll let you know.

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