Entering Chapter 19

I’m up to Chapter 19 on the READ YOUR ENTIRE NOVEL (AGAIN) AND FIGURE OUT WHAT WENT WRONG revision adventure. Well, guess what? Plenty went wrong, but it’s not all bad news. The plot definitely has issues but the characters shine  and sometimes the prose is almost lyrical. The story is what I want it to be. Fun character driven science-fiction.

You can’t write this stuff and take it too seriously, that’s for sure.

Monday, our writing group will be discussing techniques for keeping your butt planted in your chair long enough to, daily, get some writing done. This is a problem for contemporary writers. The list of our distractions grows daily: family, e-mail, traditional mail, cell phone, land line, faxes, surfing, reading, cooking, cleaning, and, oh yes, working.

I wonder. What distractions did pre-twentieth century writers have to overcome? It’s hard to imagine our world as quiet as their’s must have been. But, I’ll bet they manufactured excuses just as readily as we do.

All of this boils down to old-fashioned discipline. Claiming your own time and using it for one thing only- writing.

So, that said, I think I’ll go read someone else’s book!

Stay tuned.

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