Honestly, I had no idea the third draft would be so difficult. This will be the roughest draft I ever do. But that’s small comfort now.

I still love the story and the characters, so I won’t give up. I have looked and found,I hope, advice and instruction for this tough job. At this point, I’m no longer having fun…but I plan to finish . I want my readers to raise their eyebrows and say, “I wasn’t sure I’d like this science fiction romance,SFR, but I did. What happened to these beautiful, peculiar, and tormented characters? Their curious societies, their frantic lives, and their unrelenting troubles were amusing,  entertaining, and almost believable. I want to live in their world. Tell me there be another book!”

Another book? I can’t think about that right now. (But, I do have the germ of an idea.)

Stay tuned.






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