Word Flesh to Plot Bones

Third draft, chapter six.

I’m adding word flesh to plot bones, clay to the armature. This is tough. Not that I don’t have enough ideas, but the phrases are slow in coming.

I’m beginning to understand why first novels can take years to write.

However, I don’t have that kind of time.

I did read chapter three to Aspiring Authors, and they are following the story with relative ease. Most of them don’t read sf or fantasy, soooo …their main job is suspending their disbelief. My main job is explaining a wormhole to the uninitiated. Oh well, the details of  fun science fiction don’t have to be understood, they just have to be accepted.

Critiquing work for our writer’s group is a steep learning curve for me. We are a diverse group of writers. Our writing includes a non-fiction herbalist handbook for medical professionals, contemporary adult fiction, children’s fiction, poetry, religious non-fiction, fantasy  and, last but not least, me. I’m learning a lot about reading for content and punctuation, how to improve the flow of the prose, and how to always be positive.

Our group is  a wonderful bunch, intelligent and enthusiastic, eager to teach and learn.

I feel fortunate to have found them!

Stay tuned. N

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